Red Satin Pillowcase


Satin scrunchies are super soft and help avoid breakage, knots and tangles. They are easy to slip on or off
onto your hair, and are perfect for any and all hair types.

These are prefect for ponytails, wearing underneath your satin lined hat or to pineapple your hair at night while sleeping or for creating a puff.

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Satin has benefits for both hair and skin:

  • ¬†Satin pillowcases are gentle on hair – no waking up with knots – and they prevent hair loss and damage
  • ¬†They don’t leave sleep lines on your face like cotton pillowcases do and actively work against the formation of fine lines and wrinkles on the skin reversing the signs of ageing
  • Unlike cotton fabric which draws moisture from the skin, sleeping on a satin pillowcase works to balance moisture levels with the result that your complexion is softer, more radiant


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