• Simply wash hair, then gently towel dry to prevent dripping. Apply hair treatment of choice. Follow with a plastic cap, completely covering the hairline.


  • Place the Thermal Heat Cap on a clean glass or ceramic plate in a 1000-watt microwave with elastic facing up. Power level must be lowered accordingly for higher wattage microwaves! Refer to your owners manual to find out how. Heat for a total of 2 mins. If additional heat is desired proceed in 10-20sec increments, following the above flipping method, until desired heat level is achieved. Do not exceed a combined total of 3 – 4min, from start to finish.


  • Place heated the Thermal Heat Cap on head over plastic shower cap. For best results wear 20-45 minutes. Reheat for longer treatments when desired.


  • Remove the Thermal Heat Cap completely at the conclusion of treatment. Allow hair to cool 5 minutes, then rinse with cold water to seal the hair cuticle. Style as usual.



Caution and Care:
Spot clean only. Do not immerse in water. Lint roller as needed. WARNING! Do not overheat; risk of fire! Always watch closely. Heating times areapproximate. Microwaves will vary. Touch test before wearing to avoid burns. Do not heat in conventional oven or stove top.