What is a naturalista?

That’s a very broad question yet without quite being definitive in my opinion.So, I shall answer that question in my own opinion: a Naturalista is a person who takes care of their hair using “user-friendly” hair products. Do you know what I like about that answer? It’s objective whilst still being factual. It can be mean different things to different people and that’s the subject we’re going to tackle in this article.

There’s a lot of talk of a Naturalista should be or look like without taking full of the concept. Yes,there are different hair types. I haven’t been a ‘conventional’ Naturalista very long but the in the time that I have been one I have noticed a serious discord in the natural hair community.

Being a Naturalista isn’t a race thing or a culture thing or even; heck it’s not even thing. Being a Naturalista (yes you know what I’m about to say, SAY IT WITH ME) it’s a way of life.

Yes, that’s right, I said it. Call me Yoda #Namaste. Look sometimes we put too much into things just cause. At the end of the day we all have the same objective; to live the best you. It’s no longer a mental mantra we must chant to ourselves at 3 am in the morning. Being the best you might mean going to the gym in beast mode or staying up all night working on an equation or whatever makes you tick. Adversity is a necessity, and when you remove adversity you remove the chance of development for character, growth and opportunity of self-understanding.

With everything we have going on in the world, do we really need to attach a stigma to naturalism? Let this be a movement that does just what the title implies, let it happen naturally.

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